This blog post gives everyone who is involved in a child’s life a lot to think about and consider.



What happened to Jasmine?


Photo © Jinx!/Flickr Photo © Jinx!/Flickr

When you look inside a classroom there are some things you can not see….


Jasmine was one of my favorites.

She was one of the shortest, scrawniest children in our second grade classroom.  Maybe 45 pounds with her coat on.   Her tattered backpack seemed as big as she was.  Somehow the tiniest children can hold the most energy, the most emotion, and somehow they manage to get the most compassion from me.

 © Soloway/Dreamstime © Soloway/Dreamstime


When you peek in our classroom you may see Jasmine stealthily surveying the classroom for the child most likely to respond the most spiritedly when she gives them the “the finger”, or when she “gives them” a freshly sharpened pencil, in the side of the head, perfectly thrown from twenty feet away.

When Jasmine is unsuccessful in provoking a classmate’s response, she can get…

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