“Reaching and Teaching Children Who Hurt: Strategies for Your Classroom, Baltimore: Paul Brookes Publishing, 2008.

Reaching And Teaching Children Who Hurt

 This is a practical, strategy-filled book that integrates timely research on the effects of trauma on children’s cognitive and social development into the everyday life of schools. Readers will find clear explanations of brain-based research and its implications for classroom practice.

Educators can use the information in this book to create supportive classrooms and schools that meet the complex learning needs of traumatized children, helping the most vulnerable students build resilience and hope.

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Praise for Reaching And Teaching Children Who Hurt

Kevin E. Foley calls it Important book for anyone concerned about education.

“Susan Craig has both sounded an alarm about the growing number of children exposed to violence and the problems they encounter in school while proposing classroom teaching approaches that can lead to more productive results for the individual students and the entire class. And she accomplishes this with little cant, plenty of solid research and a great deal of practical wisdom.”
M. Monahan says Where was this book when I was actively teaching?
“A fellow teacher told me about Ms. Craig’s book. After reading it, I thought this should be “required reading” for all college students studying to become educators. This is a book written by an educator for educators. She captures all the signs of abused and dysfunctional children in such clear terms, but the best part is she gives practical applications to help them. I think the hardest part of teaching is diagnosing why children have trouble learning and Ms. Craig couldn’t be more on the money. An excellent and useful tool for teachers of all ages!”
MTG calls it Practical advice for the classroom teacher
“As a teacher educator what I appreciate most about Susan Craig’s book is how relevant and accessible it is to the classroom teacher. The practical advice it offers is wonderful – especially the “What You Can Do” text boxes. Thanks for writing such an important book for classroom teachers.”
DW says it best  One of the best
“One of the best, most practical books on working with children with mental health needs. Understanding the difference between “I won’t” and “I can’t” is critical for teachers. This explains very easily how the constant state of “fight or flight” that these children live in affects their learning environment. They have to feel safe before they be open to learning.”

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