Infant/Toddler Provider Training

These 10 modules cover Child Development Associate (CDA) training topics for infant and toddler teachers. Written at a sixth-grade level, these highly attractive materials average 30 pages in length. They are designed to be used over and over again for self-paced instruction or as a basis for small groups/classwork. The focus is on using the knowledge caregivers have about children to help them include children with disabilities.

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Module 1          Safety – Seeing Accidents Before They Happen

Module 2           Health – Following the Right Steps

Module 3           Environments that Say “Yes”

Module 4           Physical – Children Need to Explode

Module 5           Cognition- Children Learn by Playing

Module 6             Communication is a Two-Way Street

Module 7              Where do Children Learn Behavior

Module 8              Guidance- Behavior is a Message

Module 9               Families- Getting to the Roots

Module 10             Preventing Child Abuse


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