Teachers and Administrators across the United States rely on Dr. Susan E. Craig’s professional development training and materials to create trauma-sensitive learning enviroments.

Dr. Susan E. Craig is fiercely committed to informing, empowering and inspiring teachers and children’s caregivers to be prepared to cope with the impact of violence and trauma on children in their care. Her ability to inform teachers and staff on how to create inclusive, trauma-sensitive classrooms is a gift.

Dr. Craig is accessible, real, professional and ready to step in and help teachers and caregivers as they face behavioral issues in the classroom.

Her goal is simple- to “help teachers and caregivers empower children with disabilities or who have been traumatized at an early age.”

Her training and professional expertise are asssets to any program or organization demanding straight talk, common sense, and sanity saving results ,right now. Dr. Craig’s profound respect for teachers and childcare professionals shines through in everything she does.

Whether she is speaking to a large group or to an individual teacher Craig’s ability to share methods for creating a trauma-sensitive learning environments or tips on coping with specific behavioral issues make every moment worth their time. Her authenticity and caring tone of voice can be counted on to capture attention, inspire and empower educators and staff members.

Whether the topic is addressing children’s needs through everyday routines or managing aggressive behavior, Craig’s strength is empowering staff to recognize the skills they already possess and help them hone those skills for coping with traumatized children. Her training leaves teachers and staff feeling  capable and ready to take their newly honed skills to their classrooms.

She wants educators and childcare staff everywhere to know the right thing to do when they are faced with a child who has experienced trauma.

Staff and teachers describe her credible, “from the classroom” advice as ”ground breaking, earth shattering- perspective changing”

Dr. Craig’s has published Reaching and Teaching Children Who Hurt: Strategies for Your Classroom as well as created the essential training series Including All Children: Supporting Preschool Children with Disabilities. 

Dr. Craig also co-authored several DVDs on including children with disabilities: Plain Talk, It’s Really No Different, Inclusion: Using the Skills You Already Possess, Environments That Say “Yes”, and Out of School Programs That Work.

In additions to her role as author Dr. Craig leads professional development for school districts and childcare programs throughout the country. Craig’s insights, perspectives and guidance bring additional strength to her training. Her uncanny ability to translate difficult medical language into common sense training is unmatched. The training she provides teachers and administrative staff the tools to create inclusive, trauma-sensitive classrooms.


Dr. Craig was recently recognized for her contribution to the study of the impact of violence on children’s development. Read about it at


Dr. Craig is happy to provide on site professional development and technical assistance. Her calendar fills up quickly, so book now to save a date.


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  1. Dr. Craig, The Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN) would like to talk with you about being a part of our upcoming online “Educating Traumatized Children” Summit. Please send me your email or tell me the best way to contact you to discuss. Thanks – Julie Beem, Executive Director, ATN

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